Monday, June 13, 2011


My darling friend from college, Melissa, has inspired me immensely today! Her blog is a GREAT read, and she has a list of 40 things she wants to accomplish before she is 40 (which she aptly titles the 40/40 project) and I WANT TO COPY HER. I want to make my own list of 40 things to accomplish before I'm 40, but first on the list is something I want to accomplish MUCH sooner - which I am also copying from Melissa - I want to read (or re-read) all 81 books on The Strand 80 list. I'm so excited about it! I'll be starting with Harry Potter - I borrowed all seven of the books from my friend Devin. Thank you, Melissa, for inspiring me today! I'll start working on that 40/40 list ASAP!

so hum-shanti-shanti-shanti-om.

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  1. Hilary, I'm so happy that you found inspiration with my lists! I'm even more excited for you that you are starting the Harry Potter series! It's so good I don't really even know how to tell you how good it is.

    I'm really loving your blog as I have just started getting more into my yoga practice. I started practicing in December, and yes, I think it's true love. Thanks for sharing!

    I'm that I wasn't able to make the Chamber Singers reunion this year; I'm hoping to make it next time around. I'm sure it was a wonderful weekend! xoxo