Friday, September 10, 2010

Friday night, red wine, plans!

Ahhh. Red wine. I ADORE red wine. I tend to favor cabs, but tonight I'm enjoying my go-to red, Chateau Ste. Michelle merlot. My sister and I call it Chateau DE Michelle - I can't remember exactly why except that we thought that was the name for quite awhile, and once we figured out our mistake it was too late to change the habit. We discovered it back in 2004 or 2005, shortly after our mom passed away. We were on a BIG red wine kick, and we were trying a different bottle almost every night (don't judge!) and this one really stood out. It became an instant favorite, and ever since my Aunt Nancy has given me a bottle of it for Easter, which is absolutely adorable.

Tomorrow I have the whole day to myself! I'm planning on going to my first hot yoga class since getting back from yoga school. It will be interesting to see what I notice about the teacher/teaching style/style of yoga now that I'm a certified teacher myself. I'm also going to write, write, write. I want to write more about yoga school, but I also remembered a story tonight that I've always meant to write down - how I knew Kenyon College was the right school for me based almost solely on the cute boys in khakis in the all-male a cappella group singing Elvis Costello's Veronica at the admitted student program. Yes, I chose my college based on cute singing boys. True story. I also need to fill out the paperwork for the Yoga Alliance folks (I signed up for my liability insurance today! Woo!) and plan out my private sessions for next week (I have two scheduled!) plan for the meditation group I'm leading on Wednesday night....annnnnd start planning for my FIRST REAL GROUP CLASS! Yes! My wonderful yoga teacher, Katie, invited me to lead her Thursday night class at the YMCA next week. I am SO excited, but also SO nervous! She is going to be there, and I'm so anxious that she is going to think I'm doing an awful job with her class. Oy oy oy.

Lastly, I need to really start thinking about where I'm going to move in a few months. Right now NYC, Boston, Chicago and Nashville are all on the table. Decisions, decisions! Any opinions??

Happy Friday, world!! After reading this blog, I invite you to come to a comfortable standing position, feet parallel and hip width apart. Inhale, lift your arms to the sky as you ground down through the feet, engage your thighs, draw the belly in and up, lift your rib cage and SMILE! Exhale as you slowly float the arms down, feeling the air around you, bring the hands together in front of the heart, bow your head and thank your body for all it does for you day in and day out. XOXO!!



  1. wonderful post! i've been to the st. michelle winery! it was amazing. anyway, i love you! p.s. move to boston.

  2. Chicago, Chicago, Chicago! Thanks for the memory about the Kokes singing "Veronica." Didn't we decide that we were both at that concert? Keep writing!

  3. Come to Boston, and then we can hang out! I've been here for a little over a week, and I just got into a new chorus. Boston will probably be less stressful than New York--while I'm from there and am thus way more used to there than here, Boston seems a bit less intimidating (even if the streets don't make sense and I still haven't figured out why even when the traffic lights for the cars that would run me over are red, the red hand STILL says I can't walk)...

  4. Flattered I made your post...I love reading them and look forward to the next. And I can not wait for you to rock my yoga next week. You are natural...and it will be your class, not mine, let it be what you need and want!