Monday, February 14, 2011

Stop. Go. Stop. Go?

Sometimes you just have to take a break, even from the very things you love most. And then you find yourself getting back together, stronger and happier and better than ever. Such was me and my beloved yoga practice the past few days. I had gotten to a point mid last-week when it was getting almost ridiculous, the number of hours a day I was spending in sadhana, in practice, trying and reaching for something I just couldn't quite grasp. Like a drug that had lost its potency, I just kept practicing and practicing. Trying harder practices, every level 2/3 vinyasa flow on YogaGlo, pushing those challenging postures and sequences, trying to be the coolest yoga girl around. And then doing long, deep Yin classes the very same day, and finally a guided meditation or relaxation...all to no avail whatsoever.

And then I poured my heart out to a dear friend, and she said, "Hilary, I dare you to take three days off of yoga."


Sometimes you have to walk away from the very thing that gives you peace to remember how to find your peace at all.

In other news, this video gives me the fucking CHILLS. It just rocks. Thoughts?

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