Friday, March 25, 2011

Things I Love FRIDAY (off the top of my head...)

Dark Blue Sky
Food Network. Pandora. Iron & Wine. La Croix. Rain. Hoodies. Socks. Manicures. Planning yoga classes. Reconnecting to my own breath, in complete silence, for as long as necessary. Beer and pizza. Tahini. Trying really, really hard to understand where another person is coming from, and giving them the benefit of the doubt as I do. Prana breaks. Healing from the inside, out. Good friends. Being completely and carelessly spontaneous. Confidence. Feeling beautiful. Feeling sexy. Purple. Impromptu porch sits. Shocking the server at the microbrewery by NOT ordering a light beer. Harmonicas. Feeling a deep commitment to compassion toward any and all to the point that buying local, organic produce becomes an act of love. Being ready. Being open. Being available. Not pretending things don't exist. Figuring out a secret message from someone a few weeks later. Looking forward to Kathryn Budig's workshop, Emily's wedding weekend, reconnecting with Leslie and Lauren in Columbus, Reunion weekend at Kenyon. Possible connections waiting to be explored. Sensation. Fantasizing about being a 3rd shift waitress in a seedy diner. Justin Timberlake-Britney Spears-Glee road-trip CD. Planning ridiculously complicated meal plans for dinner parties I will probably never throw. Spending an hour free-cooking with whatever I can find in the kitchen and seeing just how creative I can get but still nail delicious and healthy. Morning rituals. The comfort of steel-cut oats with blueberries. Soft-boiled eggs with cut up toast in a bowl. Remembering things without mourning them. Nostalgia. Candles. The color of the sky right before it gets dark. White sage to clear it all away.

Imagining it's all in the drop of sand at the end of Neverending Story...and all I have to do is start wishing.

(photo credit: onkel_wart)