Saturday, October 13, 2012

On Food: Eating to Live, Living a Life that FEELS GOOD.

I haven't ever talked about going gluten-free on my blog. I felt almost ashamed, like I was jumping on board one more ridiculous fad diet (no, really, let's have coffee and talk about my 20s. I've done them ALL). But now that I've been wheat/gluten free for almost seven months, with no real intention of ever going back, I'm ready to talk about it. Just in case you were on the market for ramblings from your favorite reality-yogi. :) To be continued- for now a placeholder to upload some photos!
seared tuna steak with white and black sesame seeds.
lunch at my desk: salad of massaged kale dressed with lemon and olive oil, leftover asparagus, zucchini, squash and filet mignon, raw almonds. some people add mayo to anything and call it a salad - i think a salad is anything i can mix up in bowl all together and eat with a spoon. ;)
google the health benefits of coconut oil. i guarantee you'll soon buy some.
my morning smoothies make me feel confident that if nothing else, i'm getting a huge hit of nutrients and plenty of fruits and leafy green veg at least once a day. i usually throw between six and eight fruits and veges (always starting with kale and/or collards and blending with coconut water) into my friend the ninja and drink it up.
roasted pork loin (high quality meat) with roasted apples in a mustard glaze, carrots roasted in coconut oil, kale and collards sauteed in grapeseed oil with garlic. this is a plate of leftovers. you should have seen in the night of. YUM.
you can't beat the wine flight at the crowded house. three four-ounce pours for seven dollars and change. i kid you not.
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this is the new machine at the gym. i'm fairly certain that it is an accident waiting to happen for me. i have visions of tripping down the stairs and face planting. i think i'll stick with the machines closer to the ground. =)
my girl, christi.
multi-tasking! kale and collards- some for the smoothie, some for making braised greens ahead of time for dinner that night.
you have to have fun. girl's night.
you are not going to BELEIVE THIS CAKE. rhian gets all of the credit for finding the recipe. it's grain free, soy free, dairy/casein free, gluten free....and it is probably the best flourless chocolate cake i've EVER HAD. you won't believe it.
i actually took this pic to show my girl, molly, that i still wear the scarf she gave to me almost three years ago when i was visiting her in southern california. that trip was where my dream of becoming a yoga teacher took shape. as a side-note, i got my nose pierced a week ago and only one person in my day to day life, outside of my immediate family, noticed. Huh??? It just looks that natural? Or is it so horrifying everyone is ignoring it?? ;)

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