Friday, April 8, 2016


I'm not sure watching FoodTV is the best idea. I'm really, really, really hungry. I truly cannot imagine how anyone does this for more than a day. Hell, I'm not even sure I can make it a full day yet. I was hoping that the fact that these Invigoration Cleanse juices don't actually skimp on sugar would mean I'd have no problem sticking to just juice, but I'm really struggling. I probably just need to go to bed sooner rather than later. But I still have another cashew milk "juice" and I'm sure as hell not missing that. I'm having ALL OF MY JUICES, DAMNIT.

They are talking about DUCK FAT on FoodTV. Why am I doing this to myself? OMG.

I would so break this cleanse for duck fat tater tots and a cocktail at Merchant's in downtown Nashville. The fact that I live in rural western-Kentucky is totally saving my cleanse right now.

I just want to at least last a full day. No booze, no food, just water and the cleanse drinks. Okay, and I had a cup of coffee, but there was coffee IN this cleanse, anyway. That is totally legit.

The Blue Print juices are smooth as hell, and most of them have been downright delicious. I would love to have easy access to them, not so much for the purpose of cleansing (I really don't dig the liquid diet. I miss chewing) but as a super healthy daily addition to my diet, when I don't have the chance to juice at home or break out the Vitamix for a green smoothie.

Okay - drinking my last one now, so we have a breakdown of the day:

At 7:30am I had a fresh squeezed lemon in room temperature water, which is how I've started almost every single day for the past five years or so. I taught a yoga class at 8am, and drank a ton of water during and after. My morning was a bit chaotic; I didn't get to my first juice until after 10am. I had a massage after work and didn't get to my fourth juice until a bit late, which didn't give me time to wait at least two hours between the last two juices, and I'm also planning to be in bed by midnight, which, according to the Blue Print folks, isn't idea (you're supposed to have your last juice two hours before going to bed) but hey - the fact that I actually made it through this is enough to celebrate! Now I just have to NOT bounce back hard - tomorrow needs to be full of nutrients and chewing, NOT binging.

I'll be interested to see how I feel tomorrow! If nothing else, it will feel good to be fully hydrated.

Now I better go to bed before I end up eating chips. I've actually done it! I managed a full one-day Blue Print cleanse!! WOO-HOO!


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