Sunday, December 12, 2010


Yeah, I've completely dropped the ball on this blogging every day thing, haven't I?

Here is why, as far as I can figure out: whenever I sit down to write a blog, all I want to do is BITCH. Bitch about people who have hurt my feelings, who have broken promises, who have disappeared. Bitch about the difficulty of trying to find the time and space and privacy for my yoga practice. Bitch about money and car shopping. Bitch about how stressful it is to re-start your life from scratch. Bitch about...well, anything and everything you can imagine.

And really, that's not me. That's not who I think I am, and it's definitely not who I want to be. So publicly blogging from a place of negativity just isn't something I want to engage in. I don't think it serves any purpose. And it's not actually the perspective from which I function on a moment to moment basis, either. I'm actually in an incredibly positive, hopeful place right now - which is not to say it isn't a struggle sometimes, but I am. I truly see life as limitless possibility. I have actually finally been able to understand the mantra "so hum" to a point where I can always talk myself out of feeling really bad about myself. But when I sit down and see this big white box, waiting to be filled with text that I will subsequently publish for anyone to see, bitching is really all that comes to mind. And then I just feel frustrated and angry, and finally disappointed that I can't seem to find anything to write about that I feel is worth publishing on a blog. Ta-da! Ugh.

So in lieu of bitching I've just been NOT WRITING. However, I've come up with a solution. If all I want to do is bitch on my blog, instead, I'll share something that inspires me. Today it's a TED talk from the man I would marry (if he didn't already have a wife and two kids) - Jamie Oliver. I ADORE him. Even before he was an inspirational activist, I LOVED his cooking show. And now there is even MORE to love about him: his cause is one that I can really, really get behind, to the extent that I would LOVE to dedicate time and energy to helping, however I can. Find 20 minutes and watch this video. I believe so strongly in the power and importance of FOOD. I took for granted growing up in a home where my mom cooked healthy, nutritious meals every night. I took for granted learning to make whole wheat bread at five years old and eating all sorts of exotic vegetables all of the time. This isn't to say that I didn't subsequently struggle with my weight - I did, and I still do - but I feel so lucky to at least have the skills and knowledge to make good choices, and to teach my nieces how to cook and eat healthy, local, organic, sustainable food. It amazes and terrifies me that there are children (and probably adults) out there who can't identify a tomato, who live on fast food and Chef Boyardee meals and pizza. When I really consider the impact of what we eat on our health, well-being and success, it is truly awful that there is no real education offered in the school system in regards to food, nutrition and cooking. It needs to change. Go, Jamie Oliver, GO!


  1. hi Hil, i just wanted you to know i've been reading your blog, loving hearing about yoga, family, food, wine, etc. you are hopeful and inspirational. i'm so sorry about your car accident, and i hope the holidays and the new year bring you more than you think posible.

    cheers, emily (buck. from kenyon.)

  2. Awwwwww, Emily, you just made my day!!! I'm SO glad you're reading!!!! xoxoxo

  3. LOVE THIS, Hilary. Jamie Oliver is absolutely incredible. And I adore your blog.