Saturday, December 4, 2010

philosophy and a math-a-thon

I consider myself a pretty low-maintenance kind of girl. It's not that I don't enjoy wearing them, but I have to remind myself to put on jewelry and accessories. Today when I taught yoga I forced myself to wear a Prana yoga dress with leggings and a flowy scarf only because I read a blog post on Spoiled Yogi about yoga teachers showing up to work in basic yoga pants and tops without giving any thought to fashion whatsoever (umm, yep) and how that is a big faux pas. The thing is, when it comes to clothes and fashion I'm mostly interested in comfort and not making a complete fool of myself. I absolutely despise shoes and have never, ever worn a pair of heels. (The platform shoe phase in the early 2000s doesn't count - they aren't heels.) There are a few ways, though, in which I'm a total and complete girly-girl. I love getting my nails done - in my perfect world I'd have a weekly mani/pedi, no questions asked. I love massages and really all spa-type services (I even enjoy having my eyebrows waxed. I'm so weird.)  And when it comes to skin-care I don't mess around. I adore philosophy, and have been a die-hard philosophy-girl for seven years now. I have to be honest - every time I get carded ordering a beer or a glass of wine I thank myself for making a really solid skin care decision seven years ago. Hope in a Jar, the iconic moisturizer (yes, it's been one of Oprah's Favorite Things a few times, including this year - the big ultimate Favorite Things blow-out,) is more effective than any facial I've ever had. I am lost without it (and/or my skin starts looking icky.) In fact, in a very un-Kripalu-like event, my Hope (my hope! my hope!) was stolen from the community bathroom sometime during week two and within a few days I could absolutely tell a difference in my skin, and it wasn't good situation. I use a LOT of philosophy products, but there a select few staples that I ALWAYS have on hand:

Purity Made Simple - the best cleanser/eye-makeup remover on the market. The end.
Hope in a Jar - the most miraculous of moisturizers. Makeup optional skin is incredibly convenient.
Amazing Grace - I really don't enjoy smelling like perfume. I REALLY enjoy smelling like Amazing Grace. I cannot begin to tell you how many times I've been approached, in public, by strangers, who semi-awkwardly tell me "umm, you smell SO GOOD." It's happened at Trader Joe's, Starbucks, the airport, Kroger... and I mention this only because a perfume that inspires someone to actually walk up to a stranger to discuss the way they smell is pretty, well, AMAZING.

In other news, my beloved niece, Madeline, is raising money for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital by participating in a math-a-thon. Although I'm not entirely sure what a math-a-thon entails, it sounds about as fun as a root canal to me. Let's face it, though, outside of geometry, math was never my strong point. Anyway, it would be super lovely if you helped her reach her fund-raising goal of $300.00. She even said she wants to donate any prize for which she qualifies right back to sick kids at St. Jude, which I think is pretty spectacular (and mature) for a 7-year old. So click here and sponsor her, won't you? It would really mean the world to her, and helping sick kids is never a bad thing.

xox and happy day 4 of my blog-a-thon. =)

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