Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Aim True - Day 14

Morning Yoga Flow with Kathryn Budig
Vinyasa Flow
Level 2
Kathryn Budig

Wake up and smell the yoga! This flow is oriented towards opening the heart and hips to get you going. A 45 minute AM flow focusing on space with heat building sun salutations and warriors. 
Oh! This is a GOOD one. I want to do this EVERY MORNING for the rest of my life. It starts off very slow and gentle, and Kathryn makes a point of saying, repeatedly, not to go as deep as you can first thing in the morning, giving lots of opportunity for everything to warm up. And then all of the sudden it's a sweaty, juicy flow that happens naturally - there was never that painful moment where things get hard all of the sudden - which I guess is a testament to being warmed up and following Kathryn's advice to tune into what your body is asking for, which changes every single day.

I'm doing so much Vinyasa Flow these days. I've been skipping some chaturangas, or at least modifying by coming onto my knees, because I'm feeling some pain in my elbows. I'm also skipping yoga mudra arms, or at least using a strap when I do them. When I interlace my fingers behind my back, I sort of have to force my elbows to go straight, and it doesn't feel very good, especially when I release. I feel like I'm going to pull my elbow joint the wrong way and break my lower arm off. Ouch! I constantly tell my students to listen to and honor their body and yet there are places in my practice where I absolutely don't take my own advice - yoga mudra arms being the first thing that comes to mind. I don't know if my shoulders are just tight, if my anatomical structure makes it difficult, or if my right elbow, with its penchant to hyper-extend, gets in the way, but I'm all about the strap these days.


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