Sunday, January 29, 2012

Things I Love Sunday

Jackie on the left, Marie on the right.
This is a tribute to my dear friend Jacqueline Saxby, who has SO much courage and drive that she is on her way to China for 18 months, no doubt to make the world a better place. I've not been in touch with her very often as of late, but I think of her a lot, and send her lots of good energy and love. (Same with many other Kripalu loves, actually!!)

Jackie sends emails every Thursday to a group of people listing things she loves. It's really a nice snapshot of what is going on in her life every week, and even though I don't respond very often, I do read and appreciate them. She calls it TILT: Things I Love Thursday. Maybe it's a thing? Maybe lots of people do this? I might be behind on the "things" these days. I've not been keeping up with Whole Living magazine and Yoga Journal, I suppose. =)

Om, shanti, anyway. Right?

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, August 2010.
In any event, in honor of Jackie, I dedicate my (Kripalu Yoga Teacher Danny Arguetty audio) practice to her safe travels and exciting next chapter. And I am going to spend five full minutes before I practice writing my own Things I Love Sunday, or more like "things that are on my mind and making me feel really excited and happy!" (Yes. Sparkling water IS often on my mind and it does make me happy. Six times a day.)

water. weight watchers points giving me a sense of control. the inquiry of optimal living. the results of consistent and disciplined PRACTICE. roasting vegetables. sunshine in january. thumb hooks. la croix. letting go and creating space. space heaters. mala beads. routine. potential. feeling. being alive. considering impulsive decisions because you supposedly regret what you don't more than what you DO do. safe space. holding space for other people to step into their fullness six days a week, whether they are there for that reason or not. savasana. getting more sleep. eating healthier. facing demons. making peace with me. trying to re-open my heart to other people after a series of disappointments. setting goals. cleansing. releasing. sisters. nieces. family. friends. feeling happy. knowing that sacred, silent space you find in your head during an intense vinyasa practice. the sacred feeling of kripalu yoga. connections near and far. starting to think about 500 hour training at kripalu.memories of kripalu ytt.

Kripalu Yoga Teacher Training, August 2010

Oops! That was more like seven minutes! I'm off to practice, and I send the energy of my practice straight to you, Jackie! Love you and miss you! Hope you read this someday!! ;)

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