Sunday, January 15, 2012

Reality Yogi: Girl's Night Dreamcicle

Pictured: my virgin version of a Dreamcicle, the drink Devin and I enjoyed last night. It should become a girl's night classic. It's putting a little bit of pep in my Sunday afternoon. =)

Virgin Strawberry Dreamcicle
fresh mint, muddled at the bottom of the glass
4 oz La Croix, lemon, lime or coconut
2 oz orange juice (fresh squeezed and strained if possible!)
1 tea grenadine
Garnish with a strawberry and serve over ice
Combine, enjoy - it's like drinking light, fizzy, melted sherbet. Ahhh.

Original Dreamcicle
2oz Whipped Jack
2oz orange juice (fresh squeezed and strained if possible!)
2oz lemon La Croix
2oz lime La Croix
Splash (or more) of grenadine
Garnish with an orange slice
Serve over ice, top off with more La Croix if needed!

After one too many delicious but heavy pumpkin spice and candy cane martinis during the holidays, it's nice to think fondly of summer with a refreshing drink like this one. Join me by the candlelight? ;)

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