Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Aim True - Day 17

Monday, January 30, 2012

Get Grounded Amid Chaos Yoga
Vinyasa Flow
Level 2
Kathryn Budig

Get grounded and create roots regardless of the chaos around you. Find your roots through strong standing poses such as Tree, Half Moon and standing Warriors and Side Angle. Feel safe, strong and stable after this strong, classic flow. 
This one. This is the one. This is one of the very first Kathryn Budig classes that I took and why I fell in love with her teaching style. This is DEFINITELY going on the FAVORITES list.

(As an aside, does anyone else remember the wine tasting episode on Absolutely Fabulous, where Patsy and Edina keep drinking wine saying "THIS one! THIS ONE! This is the one! Wait, did we like this one? Let's try it again. Wait! No! THIS ONE. This is the one!" and so on and so forth... I'm starting to feel like that about how many practices are ending up on my Favorite list!)

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